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of society. to break down the latest politics is donnie fowler, always a friend of ours. welcome back into "the war room." >> glad to be here. we should do a background check on steve king. deny him a visa. >> michael: yeah, it's unbelievable. he wants to be an u.s. senator and take tim hearken's seat. every time someone says something ridiculous, at least nobody is saying anything silly right now. and of course it took about 18 hours for steve king to come out with that. >> who knows how quickly he said it to his wife. he was ready to go with the talking points. >> michael: i know that's what is so frustrating. they heard the word saudi--i shouldn't say "they." it's been one person. and marco rubio said that's not cool. we should not be saying that. >> what is discouraging is the fanatic desire that right wingers, a lot of republicans have, they want this to be a foreign muslim terrorist. does that make it a better terrorism act if it's a foreigner or muslim? >> michael: i suspect it justifies the things they want to do. it justifies going into iran, more defense spending. generally,
to donnie fowler. >> hi. >> michael: we have all these retirements happening from iowa to south dakota, now to montana. where does this leave the democrats and which ones are they most in danger of losing. >> it leaves them a lot of territory to defend to keep that majority in the senate. they should be worried about states that obama lost. that's the south dakotas and montanas on that list. >> michael: and we were just talking with mike dennison, does schweitzer cause a glimmer of hope. >> he's more than a glimmer of hope. he got elected twice in strong campaigns. he is a montana democrat, not a national democrat. there has been strong growth of democrats who are of the state not of the democratic national party or committee. brian schweitzer is one of those democrats and i would put him as a frontrunner. >> michael: do you have a sense of how he would vote on something like background checks. it's totally hypothetical. >> i know he's a farmer and ranker which everyone in montana seems to be. >> michael: john tester is as well. >> like i said the rocky mountain democrats are representing t
has taken the colbert to the bank. steve will host a fundraiser for his sister. here with me donnie fowler, welcome back in "the war room"." >> i'm glad to be from columbia and not charleston today. >> michael: because mark sanford would not part. your cabash. >> so colb ert busch campaign said she had a small lead over bostic. could she actually win. >> there are a lot of mixed numbers here. barack obama last this district by six points to mitt romney. that is working against her. there is more republicans in this district. it was drawn by the republican legislature to be a republican district. but we've got a really unpopular republican party nationally. we have a governor who is not very popular and we have two candidates who are less than ideal. >> so the governor is not popular. how has her popularity dipped. >> she's mixed about half and half. half like her, and half don't like her. but when you look at the two candidates on the republican side their favorability rating is in the tank. >> michael: it does bring to mind how the democratic campaign committee not putting any mone
while she has been in office. >> michael: unquestionably. thank you for being on the show. donnie fowler. up next, when the right said that the obama budget doesn't get it done, we roll our eyes and show this photograph of their budget architect. but when the left has a problem with it, then that gets our attention. we'll talk about that after the break. >> only on current tv. my relationship with water started when i was a kid. you think of how many people go to the ocean and for such different reasons. it attracts everyone but i think we're all attracted by one similar thing which is the horizon. ya know, there is nothing more peaceful than standing on the edge of the shore and looking out at that horizon. that place where blue meets blue. i'm a story teller. as a story teller i really think that adventure works to draw out people into a story. i have this long relationship with "national geographic". it's afforded me the opportunity to organize expeditions with their encouragement that have taken us by kayak literally around the world. historically a lot of people who go out on advent
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4